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    Vortice Germany

    The best sales prices for Vortice in Germany thanks to Impexron GmbH.

    Brand: Vortice
    Country: Germany
    Impexron GmbH offers the full range of Vortice's products in Germany.Impexron GmbH is an importer of many brands in Germany, one of which is Vortice.Whether you need parts for repair or new installation, Vortice's products are suitable for all your needs!Offered products of the brand Vortice from Impexron GmbH in Germany are original.With the help of Impexron GmbH and Vortice your expenses on spare parts will decrease.

    Use the contact form or send us your inquiry via e-mail, in order to get the best prices for Vortice's products in Germany.

    Impexron GmbH is a Reseller of the Vortice  in all of Germany

    Our company is not an authorized distributor or representative for Vortice and Vortice brand is the property of its respective owners.

    Vortice 230 V/50 Hz, Schutzart IPX4, 145 W, 0,64 A, max 1060 m³/h, max 323,7 Pa | Vortice 2poliger Ein/AusSchalter | Vortice AFD 1254 | Vortice C 15 Stufenloser Drehzahlsteller | Vortice Deckeneinbausatz 120 Kondenswasserdichtung | Vortice Fensterventilator | Vortice Filo S 120, Kondenswasserdichtung | Vortice Flügelrad | Vortice GGR 100, selbsttätige Verschlußklappe | Vortice Halbradialer Rohrventilator | Vortice Kleinraumventilator | Vortice M 120/5 AT HCS LL Kleinraumventilator | Vortice M 120/5 LL Kleinraumventilator | Vortice Micro 100 Schachtventilator Aufbau | Vortice Micro 100 Schachtventilator Einbau | Vortice MixventVentilator | Vortice Motor | Vortice PUNTO MFO 120/5" T Kleinraumventilator | Vortice Radialer Schachtventilator | Vortice Rohrradialventilator | Vortice Schachtventilator | Vortice VARIO Wandeinbausatz verl Schrauben Kit Mu | Vortice Wandeinbauventilator | Vortice Wandventilator |

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