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    Westinghouse Germany

    The best sales prices for Westinghouse in Germany thanks to Impexron GmbH.

    Brand: Westinghouse
    Country: Germany
    Westinghouse's products will meet your expectations, high quality and competitive prices!Impexron GmbH is an importer of the brand Westinghouse for Germany.Spare parts from Westinghouse in Germany suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.All Westinghouse's products offered by Impexron GmbH in Germany have the company’s guarantee for both quality and origin.With the help of Impexron GmbH and Westinghouse your expenses on spare parts will decrease.

    Send us an inquiry via e-mail or the contact form and you will get the best quotation for Westinghouse's products.

    Impexron GmbH is a Reseller of the Westinghouse  in all of Germany

    Our company is not an authorized distributor or representative for Westinghouse and Westinghouse brand is the property of its respective owners.

    Westinghouse ​Dual snap vacuum switch | Westinghouse 2MODE CONTROL MODULE | Westinghouse 3 Watt Cree Alumnium Flashlight | Westinghouse 3MODE CONTROL MODULE | Westinghouse AC ELECTRIC MOTOR | Westinghouse Analog input template | Westinghouse auxiliary | Westinghouse AUXILIARY CONTACT | Westinghouse Auxiliary Contact Type J11 | Westinghouse brush | Westinghouse brush, oem | Westinghouse Capacitor | Westinghouse CHAINE SILENCIEUSE PAS 9,52 GUIDAGE EXTERIEUR RENFORCE | Westinghouse Charger supply 380V /50HZ/9A, use 125V CC / 25A | Westinghouse CHART DRIVE ASSEMBLY | Westinghouse Coil | Westinghouse cylinder | Westinghouse Digital input template | Westinghouse Digital output template | Westinghouse DO card (including 16 relays) | Westinghouse DP CAPSULE15 BAR MAX, part for DP TRANSMITTERS, MODEL 75DP1 | Westinghouse INPUT CARD 420/010 | Westinghouse LUMINARIA ALUMBRADO PÚBLICO | Westinghouse MOTOR,ELECT,INDUCTN,SQRL CAGE | Westinghouse pneumatic seal | Westinghouse Proyector Led | Westinghouse relay | Westinghouse SAFETY BARRIER Veritrak | Westinghouse Sealing set for cylinder | Westinghouse SERIAL 67, FOR WESTINGHOUSE CONTROLMATIC SYSTEM OF CMTT OFF GAS HANDLING SYSTEM, WESTINGHOUSE NI106181A | Westinghouse Signal Ext Board | Westinghouse SPEED MONITOR | Westinghouse Speed sensor | Westinghouse STEPPER MOTOR,27V 7W CCW | Westinghouse UNIVERSAL POLE/COIL ASY | Westinghouse Vacuum Ciscuit Breaker | Westinghouse VALVE | Westinghouse Way valve | Westinghouse Westinghouse DO card prefabricated cable 10 m |

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