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Dittmer 68512815 in JAPAN

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Product: 68512815
Brand: Dittmer
Country: Japan
Technical specification : Lager-WTH bearing sensor BVS 03 ATEX E292 X Ex ia Model 4,69,08,12 1 x PT 100 Ohm 4-Leiterschaltung/wire Ident-Nr 68512815 Flex-Länge/flex lenght 800 mm Übergang / connecting tube 60x8 mm Kabellg./cable 12.000 mm blau/blue Spitze/top 4.8 mm weight r.a.1kg
Condition: New (Unused)
Price : 61,981 JPY
Lead time : Please ask
Delivery method : EXW Osaka, Japan

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