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    MA-VIB (054516) EFCR12YO.A5 in Japan

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    Product: (054516) EFCR12YO.A5
    Brand: MA-VIB
    Country: Japan
    Description: (12W CCW MAVIB MOTOR)
    Condition: New (Unused)
    Economize your expenses when renewing your machine elements thanks to the innovative products of MA-VIB.Contact us to get an assistance from an expert for sales prices for MA-VIB - (054516) EFCR12YO.A5 (12W CCW MAVIB MOTOR) in Japan.Save money with world's high quality and low price products made by MA-VIB.Our job is to save you time and minimize your expenses on spare parts and industrial components.We're not an official distributor of MA-VIB, yet we are importing it on reasonable prices.Grab the best offer for MA-VIB - (054516) EFCR12YO.A5 (12W CCW MAVIB MOTOR) in Japan.Our company has proven itself as one of the best and valuable supplier in the world.Contact us by e-mail or just fill out our RFQ form online.
    Our company is not an authorized distributor or representative for this brand. We are a reseller company for this brand.

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    +81 721-26-8450