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    BRILEX Venting Solutions

    BRILEX was established in Brilon in November 1993. It erected its own first building, which helped considerably increase production, in 1996. Today, after two extensions
    to the premises, the Company now has around 5000 m² of office, production and warehouse space at its disposal. BRILEX is currently staffed by 15 employees.
    International contacts, created shortly after the company was founded, led to the first sales agencies being established in other countries. The international network has continued
    to grow since then and has resulted in the Company having to quickly and efficiently adapt to new markets, which it has been able to do with the help of its development and
    production departments. The acquisition by HOERBIGER Holding AG and the integration into the business segment HOERBIGER Safety Solutions will leverage the international expansion of BRILEX.

    BRILEX products are protective systems that safeguard production processes all over the world from the destructive power of dust explosions. The manufacture of such sensitive
    systems require production processes that both comply with international standards and directives and that meet the requirements set out by several different quality assurance systems. Many of the Company‘s explosion vents and flameless pressure relief systems have been awarded international patents. The Company is currently working on bidirectional decoupling systems that deliver considerable flow benefits over conventional units. 

    BRILEX is a leading manufacturer with its unique patented explosion vent delivering 100% pressure relief capacity and its flameless relief systems utilising replacement sets that allow them to be reused after explosions.

    More than 20 years of experience in the field of safety engineering has allowed the Company to specialise in the provision of protection against dust explosions. As an
    innovative and reliable partner, BRILEX protects its customers all over the world from the effects of dust and gas explosions. We see ourselves as a partner to our customers and we
    guarantee to satisfy their needs with advice, quality and reliable deliveries.

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