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Luyang Gear Motor TURKEY

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Brand: Luyang Gear Motor
Country: Turkey


Luyang Gear Motor are committed to provide excellent products and services to Luyang's clients based on Luyang's "Quality Policy" and to promote continuous improvement of Luyang's quality system.

Quality Control System

Luyang follow the international standards wherein all are materials and finished products are inspected in the process of IQC, IPQC, FQC and OQC. Luyang applied PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Adjust) Four-step Management Method for quality control of products and for continuous improvement in the manufacturing processes.

Equipment Overview

To provide assurance of Luyang's quality products for Luyang's clients, LUYANG Technology Co., Ltd. introduces precise equipment and adopted reliable tests such as:


Gear grinding machine.

Gear hobbing machine.

TESA Micro-Hite 3D measurement station.

Coil testing system.

Rotor balancing Machine.

Motor test machine.

Torque testing room.

Heating test equipment.

3D printer.

Product Categories

AC Small Motors

AC motors offer a wide selection with reliable performance to meet specific requirements. Clients can choose induction motor, reversibel motor, brake motor, clutch brake motor, or speed vaiable motor according to the demand and system motion. Luyang AC motors can apply in automation machine, packing machine, food machine, conveyor belt system, furniture, printing machine etc. All products are made in Taiwan with high quality and Luyang's high-strength design makes motor maximum permissible torque up to 200kgcm.

DC Motors

A dc motor is suitable for connecting direct-current power supply. DC motor can operate by simply connecting and used with DC power supply or AC power supply with a converter. All products are made in Taiwan with high quality and Luyang's high-strength design makes maximum permissible torque up to 200kgcm.


Gearmotors are composed of the gearheads and motors. It has low temperature rise with special motor design and adapt precision gear process to ensure low noise and low vibration. All of Luyang gear reducers are under restricted inspection to avert oil leaking effectively.

Helical Gear Reducers

Suitable for motors of IEC standard. Installing gear reducers can reduce output Rpm or increase torque. Made in Taiwan.

Brushless DC Motors

Luyang can customize the design and production of brushless DC motors (BLDC) for automatic machinery, wheel chair, and medical equipment, etc.

Ring Blowers & Vacuum Pumps

Designed for easy installation and maintenance, you can find side channel ring blower and vacuum pump for machinery industry.